Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is the beginning of an exciting journey.

7 - 10  weeks

Please contact your GP surgery to  collect your booking pack and make an appointment with the midwife around 8-10 weeks. Contact our booking line 01738 473494 with your details.  Your midwife will call you back (usually within a week)and arrange a appointment. Please read the booklet on screening tests. At this appointment your midwife will complete your notes, discuss screening tests and take blood samples. Your height and weight will be measured. The midwife will refer you to the Antenatal Clinic for a booking scan. You will be given information on healthy eating in pregnancy, folic acid, vitamins and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol.  See short video link about this appointment.

11+ - 14 weeks

You will attend your first booking scan. The scan will give an estimate of the date your baby will be born. If you have consented at your booking appointment, you will have a Nuchal Translucency Scan.  This scan measures the thickness of the nuchal translucency (a pocket of fluid) at the back of your baby's neck. A blood test will be taken. The information from the blood test is combined with your age and the nuchal translucency measurement is used to work out your individual chance of having a baby with Down's syndrome.

16 weeks

Appointment with the midwife at your Health Centre or Antenatal Clinic. Your recent blood tests will be reviewed and the midwife will check your blood pressure and test a urine sample. You may also be offered your whooping cough vaccination at this appointment. In flu season - October to March, you may also be offered flu vaccine.

20 weeks

A detailed scan is carried out at this stage, also known as the anomaly scan. This scan is important to determine if your baby is developing normally.  Finding out the sex of your baby may be possible, but is NOT the focus of this scan. Please try to avoid bringing young children, if they are noisy and the sonographer is unable to concentrate, they will be asked to wait outside. 

24-25 weeks 

Antenatal appointment with the midwife at your Health Centre or Midwife Unit.  An antenatal check will be carried out which includes -  blood pressure, measurement of baby's growth, urinalysis and the midwife will listen to your baby's heart. She will also ask if you are feeling your baby move each day.

Healthy eating, smoking and lifestyle choices will be discussed throughout your antenatal care. A MAT B1 certificate will be issued by your midwife. You can expect to be asked about your emotional health and well-being at each antenatal visit. We do this because we know that any pregnant woman can experience a change in mood or anxiety levels and that this can lead to antenatal depression/anxiety which increases the risk of postnatal anxiety/depression. 

This is also a good time to discuss your parent education classes. Please ask your midwife in interested in attending.

28-29 weeks

Antenatal check . Routine blood tests.

Administration of prophylactic Anti D if you are rhesus negative.

Discussions around place of birth, you may wish to visit https://my This site will give you information on benefits of different options to give birth. Your midwife will also discuss this with you.

32 weeks

Antenatal check. First time mums only.

34-35 weeks

Antenatal check.  Please complete your Birth Plan prior to this visit, your midwife will discuss this with you. Time to start packing your hospital bag.

38 weeks

Antenatal check. Your weight will be recorded at this visit.

40 weeks

Antenatal check. First time mums only.  You may be offered aromatherapy at this stage, provided there are no contra-indications.  This can help you go into labour spontaneously. 

41 weeks

A routine antenatal check will be carried out and, if you wish, a cervical 'sweep' can be performed. An appointment will be made for Induction of Labour in Ninewells Hospital.  Induction is normally arranged 12-14 days after your baby's due date.   We may also offer aromatherapy as an option to help start your labour.  Please ask for details.

While the majority of women will follow this pathway, some women will require additional visits.

If you  wish to see your midwife outwith these scheduled appointments, please contact your midwifery team.