The Midwife Unit in Perth offers care to low risk mothers who:

  • are expecting a single baby

  • are in good health

  • have had no complications in this or other pregnancies

  • are expecting your first or subsequent baby.

mum and baby in pool


We offer continuous, 24 hour telephone advice.

Our team of skilled midwives can assess you in the  CMU.  If you have any concerns, please call 01738 473425 to speak with a midwife.

Parent Education information for expectant parents

Before Birth – There are a number of apps/web information that you may find relevant, eg Baby Buddies, NCT and NHS Choices.

Preparing for Labour and Birth

This follows the progression of labour, birth and the early postnatal days. We will discuss issues that are important to you such as:

  • Coping strategies for labour, including some practical work on birth positions

  • Use of equipment such as birth balls, mats, bean bags etc

  • Role of birthing partner

  • Using birth pool during labour

  • How the birth environment can optimise the chances of a ‘normal’ birth.

  • Discuss dealing with complications

  • The emotional journey of becoming a parent.

  • First few weeks of life with your new baby

  • Bonding, attachment and babies development.

You can attend this course with your partner/friend/relative or on your own.

Some quotes from past participants.

“Great class for getting a good idea of what to expect before during and after birth.”

“Informal, approachable midwives, fun and interesting.”

“We feel much more confident”

“Sharing the experience with others in the same situation.”


Infant feeding workshop

This informal class aims to give you confidence through information and practical skills to cope with the early weeks of feeding your baby.  We cover topics such as

  • Skin-to-skin contact

  • Feeding cues (knowing when your baby is hungry)

  • How much do babies need

  • Baby-led feeding

  • Maternal diet and nutrition

 Group Antenatal Care

We are piloting this from February 2019. Small groups of women will meet their midwife for a/n check and an information session. Watch out for more details.

We will be running unit visits with a Q& A session for parents to be. This will be run by a midwife from your team. These start in February and spaces will be limited. Please ask your midwife.


There is a small dedicated team of physiotherapists based in the Maternity Building.  We can provide specialist advice for women.  See physiotherapy  page for links to information.


We offer a relaxed, homely atmosphere, with one to one care and support in labour.  We make use of natural methods of pain relief such as freedom to move around, massage, bean bags, birthing balls, music and water.  These have been shown to help women cope with labour. Please feel free to bring in your own favourite music.  One to one care is provided throughout your labour.

Other methods of pain relief available are TENS, Entonox (gas and air), and Diamorphine injection.

Birthing Pool

Many mothers have used our birthing pools for labour and birth. The water is a very effective method of pain relief and aids relaxation.



Following birth in our unit, Partners are welcome to stay overnight with you (subject to room availability).  Please ask your midwife or contact us for more information.

Expert advice is available from all  our staff to assist you to feed and care for your new baby. We are internationally recognised as a Baby-Friendly Unit.  A 24hr drop in service for mothers who feel that they would benefit from additional support is available following their discharge home from the Midwife Unit in Perth or our Consultant Unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support is available from your midwife, breastfeeding support workers, breastfeeding support volunteers (telephone), your health visitor and national support lines

We also run breastfeeding support groups across Perth & Kinross. For details contact your midwife or Breast Buddies.