Parent Education course for expectant parents     

Before Birth – Antenatal preparation for birth courses are available in Perth Midwife Unit.    

women & birth partner sessions

Preparing for Labour and Birth course

Small groups of women and birth partners will be provided by a midwife from your community team. Topics may include.

  • How the birth environment can optimise the chances of a ‘normal’ birth.

  • Use of aids to such as birthing pools

  • Role of the birth partner

  • Dealing with complications

  • The emotional journey of becoming a parent.

  • First few weeks of life with your new baby

  • Bonding, attachment and babies development.

You can attend this course with your partner/friend/relative or on your own.

To book any of the sessions, please discuss with your midwife from 16 weeks onwards.

There is also a session for women and partners in Ninewells for high risk women who have to give birth in Ninewells obstetric unit.  

See our info on Preparing for Birth & post natal days section.

Contact 01382 632994 for further information.


Some quotes from past participants.

“Great class for getting a good idea of what to expect before during and after birth.”

“Informal, approachable midwives, fun and interesting.”

“We feel much more confident”

“Sharing the experience with others in the same situation.”

Women Only sessions

Self Hypnosis for Childbirth

Many women find self hypnosis very beneficial for helping then achieve a good birth. There are private options or downloads you can use to help learn self-hypnosis techniques for childbirth. Self-hypnosis can help you relax, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and help during childbirth.

5 top tips to relax  and de-stress.

1. Take a few moments each day to practice taking yourself into a deeply relaxed state  - just focus on 5 slow breathes, relax your shoulders, your hands, your arms, your back.

2. Create a relaxing, private place in your mind, maybe a beach, garden, childhood hideout - practice going there in your mind a few times a day e.g. when you have a few moments at work, waiting for the kettle to boil, or relaxing in the bath - feel, see and hear things as if you are actually there. 

3. Indulge yourself by fantasising about your perfect birth - allow yourself to go over it in great detail from beginning to end. Do this daily in the last few weeks of birth. 

4. Keep focusing on what you do want rather than what you do not want - the brain can not compute the negative - e.g. DON'T think of a pink elephant! See what I mean?

5. Protect yourself from negative images about birth - when someone jumps in to tell you about their horror story - stop them politely and ask them about the good bits they remember.

Infant feeding

We aim to include information and practical skills to cope with the early weeks of feeding your baby in your a/n classes.

  • Skin-to-skin contact

  • Feeding cues (knowing when your baby is hungry)

  • How much do babies need

  • Baby-led feeding

  • Maternal diet and nutrition